Grubson Pug’s Christmas Voyage

Grubson Pug’s Christmas Voyage is a nautical tale which is relevant at any time of year: it’s an amusing, heart-warming story of adventure, perseverance and family love.

Grubson Pug, his crew of dogs, an arm-wrestling Siamese cat called Banzai and Marjorie the parrot set sail aboard The Beagle from St Benfro somewhere in the west of Wales, in search of Christmas presents for his demanding children.

Back at home, Grubson’s youngest, Henri and his erudite friend Horatio Fox (of Gunfort Mansions with a telescope turret) are anxiously awaiting Grubson’s return.
Having journeyed to Seville, St Malo and London, Grubson and crew have a ship laden with winter goodies and carefully selected gifts. They are desperate to hurry home by Christmas Eve.
On the return voyage however, The Beagle runs into a fierce winter storm and Grubson has some big decisions to make...

International Rubery Book Award long-list 2013
Primary Times’ Top Ten Christmas books 2012

Banzai’s Unexpected Voyage

What might an arm-wrestling, garlic-chewing, shanty-whistling ship’s cat keep so hidden that even he doesn’t dare look?

Picking up the story a few days after the dramatic climax to book one, we join Banzai on his unusual nautical quest.
It’s New Year and a time for resolutions. Under the watchful eye of Horatio Fox, Banzai is persuaded to face the secrets of his closely-guarded carpet bag. Then he promptly vanishes from St Benfro.

Grubson Pug sets off in pursuit of his missing ship’s cat in a chase across Europe to Venice. Caught up in the confusion of Carnival, Banzai learns to accept help from friends when the situation is too complicated for one proud and trouble-prone cat.

International Rubery Book Award Short-list 2014