A former English teacher and Creative Writing tutor, Jane lives in landlocked Oxfordshire. She often runs away to Pembrokeshire where she spent many summers as a child and where she now writes. The castles, old harbour towns, hidden beaches and remote islands remain magical to her.
Those who know Tenby may recognise thinly-disguised elements of St Benfro and Monastery Island.

Many children’s stories are read aloud by parents and Jane writes books to entertain adults as well as children. The Grubson Pug tales require a simple suspension of disbelief as you allow yourself into his world: his world as a father and as a sea captain, tackling life’s challenges in his efforts to keep everyone happy. The characters he encounters during his voyages have strong opinions, fears, hopes, odd habits and some words of wisdom for those who want to listen. And some, like our miniature heroes Henri and Bonsai, are very young - learning about themselves and others, which is a nice way for junior readers to learn too.


Sammy Jim - more properly known as Sam Hodgson, enjoyed listening to Jane’s stories during his childhood and was the natural choice as an illustrator for the books. Having read the stories, he knew exactly how to transfer the characters from the written word into pictures. At the same time as illustrating both books, Sam completed a university degree in Visual Communication and graduated with a First in the summer of 2014. He spent a year globe-trotting (a bit like a certain beloved arm-wrestling cat we all know), and is now back on these shores – just in time to illustrate Book Three!

Mrs E

Mrs E is our marketing guru and brings her flair to all we do. She has years of experience in and around the publishing industry and is involved with the design of our books. She also conjures up quirky graphics for our social media and develops our resources for use in schools, competitions and the website. Mrs E is a big fan of the Grubson Pug books and feels that you’re never too old enjoy a good children’s story. (She’s also a bit of a ‘cat woman’ and can often be found talking to the animals.)